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More than 100 unique flavours of Italian-style ice cream, specifically created to celebrate the 2016 Gelato Festival. In every stage-city participate a maximum of 16 of the best ice cream makers in the country that create a never tested before flavor just to challenge for the title of the best Italian-style ice cream. Every Festival venue will also include another 10 totally unique and original flavours, offered by the sponsors, that will not be competing.

The title of European Champion of the 2016 Gelato Festival will be held in September in Florence, the final will present the first two winners of each stage-city to compete for the title.

The only way of tasting all flavours and rewarding the one you like best is by having a Gelato Card.
Find your favourite flavour and make it a winner!

Our sponsors have create unique flavours, out of the competition, specifically for the 2016 Gelato Card!

Cookies The Original

Cookies® The Original is the authentic, cookie-flavoured artisan ice cream! This perfect mix between the creaminess of the ice cream and a delicious chocolate and hazelnut cream with pieces of crunchy biscuit, has been a classic for 15 years in the best ice cream parlours.

Cookies Black

Cookies® becomes black and white, for creating a delicious gelato which combines a delicate milk cream with the energetic crunchiness of the extradark shortbread biscuits ! Try it now!


Nutella, first created 50 years ago by Pasticceria Ferrero in Alba, is now, with its unique recipe consisting of simple, natural ingredients, a global success. You’ll find the Ferrero Recipe for the artisan Nutella Ice Cream at the Gelato Festival and at your own trusted ice cream maker.


Pernigotti with its five special chocolate mono-origin offers you a journey between intense flavours and exotic aromas;
Santo Domingo,, a dark chocolate, perfectly balanced, with a note of vanilla;
Ecuador dark with a touch of cinnamon;
Perù, a dark chocolate, refined taste, slightly spicy;
Săo Tomé an ice cream made of fine cocoa and a coffee aftertaste;
Cuba Stracciatella, the perfect union between cruncy chocolate and the natural vanilla flavour.


The cream-based speciality which, since 1979, has proved so popular with the people of Florence and ice cream lovers the world over. It is offered by the Badiani ice cream parlour in Florence, winner of the 2015 Gelato Festival, and present throughout the 2016 tour.



The truffle of San Miniato (Tuscany ) meets Paolo Pomposi’s ice cream

NOTE our Sponsor and the flavours they will offer may vary in each stage-venue. Take a look at the flavor of the city you want to attend to and discover the fantastic flavours you will taste.